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Even though there was no actual source code in your repo, and no actual tests configured in your config.yml, CircleCI considers your build to have “succeeded” because all steps completed successfully (returned an exit code of 0). Most projects are far more complicated, oftentimes with multiple Docker images and multiple steps, including a ...

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The local docker-registry deployment takes on additional load. By default, it now caches content from The images from for STI builds are now stored in the local registry. Attempts to pull them result in pulls from the local docker-registry. As a result, there are circumstances where extreme numbers of ...

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To protect your private key we first use bcrypt to create a hash of your password, using a randomly generated salt that differs for each user. The result is then used to encrypt your private key with AES-256. By hashing it with bcrypt first, we make it much slower for anyone who tries to guess your password to decrypt your private key.

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So you can store all your secret WiFi passwords and so on in a file called secrets.yaml within the directory where the configuration file is. For even more configuration templating, take a look at Substitutions. If you want to see how ESPHome interprets your configuration, run

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Saving tokens and passwords in an R environment variable means they’re stored in an unencrypted, clear text file. With the keyring package, your credentials are more secure. Do More with R.

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Download the Docker compose file located in the GitHub repository and place it somewhere convenient. It doesn't really matter where you place it, but I suggest a dedicated directory. Make sure you grab the raw file, and don't copy paste from your browser. The spaces in the file are very important. So use "Save As". Get your AES encryption key from the General settings page of your CodeShip project and save it to your registry as codeship.aes (adding it to the .gitignore file is a good idea so that it does not end up in your repository). Run the jet encrypt command against your image registry dockercfg file.

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