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YKK Vislon Reversible Separating Zippers are activewear weight zippers constructed of chunky, molded teeth that are lightweight yet strong and durable. These zippers have easy pulling sliders, that pull to the bottom and open the zipper. The teeth will not freeze or corrode making it an excellent choice for outdoor wear. Use in jackets, sweaters, vests and craft items. Size 5. 24 inch. Black.

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Does the ykk 10v mean that I should order size 10? by Rob (Vermont) Does the ykk 10v mean that I should order size 10? Hi Rob, Yes ykk 10v stands for vislon. Vislon is the the plastic that ykk makes the teeth out of. The number 10 stands for #10 ykk marine zipper.

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#5 VISLON® molded thermal plastic zipper with 9/16 inch tape width. Two-way adjustable separating. Two sliders. For: all types of outerwear

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If you're in the market for zippers, sliders, and other zipper-related tools and hardware, look no further. Browse an extensive list of YKK ® zippers and zipper products — including VISLON ® and ZIPLON ® sliders —or marine-grade Sunbrella ® SUNZIP™ Zippers. Each provides unique features that ensure smooth operation and resilience.#5 VISLON® (Molded Tooth) Sliders. YKK® has become a household name because it has offered top quality zippers for over 40 years in the US. Super tough, water, UV, and weather resistant. The perfect choice for Boat, Auto and all your industrial needs. Made in the USA.

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YKK® Coil Zipper Sliders These Metal Coil Sliders are easy to put onto zipper by the yard or can be used to replace a lost or broken slide. Available with single or double-pull in sizes #3, #4.5, #5, #8 and #10. #3 - Single 35¢ each - Black #3 - Single 40 ¢ each - Black #3 - Double 40 ¢ each - Nickel Plated

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Since this zipper is made with thinner yarn, this item is recommeded for thin, light weight and soft-touch garments. The lightweight tape with No.3 coil is 20% lighter than the standard coil zipper. Also, No.5 VISLON® zipper is 15% lighter than standard VISLON® zipper. YKK TREND 2018SS Featured product.

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