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Remote procedure calls used in modern operating systems trace their roots back to the RC 4000 multiprogramming system, which used a request-response communication protocol for process synchronization. The idea of treating network operations as remote procedure calls goes back at least to the 1970s in early ARPANET documents.

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• The system call informs the xv6 kernel about the process' weight • Step4: Remove "//" of the following line in sfq.c included in xv6_sfq, which is a user application to test Simple fair queuing

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Index: cmodules/kitcrypt.tcl ===== --- cmodules/kitcrypt.tcl +++ cmodules/kitcrypt.tcl @@ -1,26 +1,26 @@ ## # Implementation of an rc4 codec for TCL, adapted for # source code encryption/decryption system ### set here [file dirname [info script]] -my define set pkg_name kitcrypt -my define set pkg_vers 1.0 -my define set initfunc KitCrypt_Init -my define set output_c kitcrypt.c -my define set ...

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Abstract. In this note, we’ll peak under the hood of one simple and neat OS called xv6 [CK+08]. The xv6 kernel is a port of an old UNIX version 6 from PDP-11 (the machine it was originally built to run on) to a modern system, Intel x86, and the idea to make it a source of study stems from Lions ’ famous commentary on Unix SV6 [L76].

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issues.apache.org. Apache currently hosts two different issue tracking systems, Bugzilla and JIRA. To find out how to report an issue for a particular project, please visit the project resource listing.

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SystemTap script to track reads and writes on sockets by process. Can be filtered by process IDs and names, protocols, protocol families, users and socket type. nettop.stp (example output) socket-trace.stp. Processes . futexes.stp (example output) iotime.stp: Print the time spent in the read() and write() system calls when a process closes each ... 上领英,在全球领先职业社交平台查看Xiaopeng (Charles) Xu的职业档案。Xiaopeng (Charles)的职业档案列出了 4 个职位。查看Xiaopeng (Charles)的完整档案,结识职场人脉和查看相似公司的职位。

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