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% initial chemistry Nai = 1e-1; Cli = Nai; Hi = 1e-7; H2Oi = 1; initial = [Nai Cli Hi H2Oi] * mol / litre; % we must repeat the initial chemistry for each cell of the system.

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The shortage of water is a big problem in many cities. Water is sometimes turned on only a couple of times a day for about a half hour each time. The resolution calls the right to safe and clean drinking water and sanitation "a human right that is essential for the full enjoyment of life and all human rights."

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tion/dissolution equilibria is described. Key words: chemical equilibrium, matlab, Newton-Raphson, heterogeneous equilibria. 1 Chemical Speciation Solving for the equilibrium position of a set of simultaneous reactions subject to the con-straints of mass balance and mass action is a common problem in environmental modeling.

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Phase diagram included. Ammonia - Vapour Pressure at gas-liquid equilibrium - Figures and table showing ammonia saturation pressure at boiling Solubility guidelines for ionic compounds in water - Guidelines or solubility rules to predict whether or not a given ionic compound is soluble in water at...

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(d) van der Waals equation is a relation between the pressure, temperature and volume of a gas that accounts for the non‐zero size of the gas molecules and the attractive forces between them. (e) Gibbs free energy, G = H − TS, combines enthalpy and entropy to give a quantity which must

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