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May 25, 2017 · The plugs can be removed and inspected, fluid levels can checked, additional fluid can be added, and then the plugs can be replaced and tightened. If your transfer case continues to leak, the fluid will need to be drained so that mechanics can check for seal failures and possible damage to the case joints.

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Transmission fluid is vital to the health and functionality of a vehicle's transmission. Low transmission fluid levels can seriously impede normal transmission function and lead to major, costly repairs over time if not addressed promptly. What follows is a brief list of the most common signs of a low transmission ...

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As a result of this, you don’t do too much servicing of a transfer case outside of fluid changes. So if you suspect a noise from the transfer case, replace the fluid with the correct fluid as dictated by the service manual and recheck for the noise. If the noise goes away, call it a win and move on.

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The bearing wears into the shaft and/or thrust washer which increases mainshaft endplay. When this happens, the transfer case input ball bearing is also supporting the transmission mainshaft which it can’t do for long without failing itself. At that point, anything can happen and it won’t be cheap to fix.

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Potential problems with the NP261 Transfer Case. This unit can have issues with premature case failure caused by the oil pump housing wearing a hole in the case, causing loss of fluid and transfer case failure. Midwest provides a machine case protector plate to solve this problem.

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If the transfer case motor is not functioning, then you may find yourself unable to shift into or out of 4WD. This could be a big problem if the system fails to activate in an off-road or bad weather situation. In addition to shifting the transfer case, the motor also senses and reports the current position of the transfer case.

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