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The VCL Grid, TreeList, and Vertical Grid controls now allow users to calculate filter operands using formulas written as string expressions. As with the calculated fields introduced in v19.2 , you and your users can utilize our Expression Editor (with auto-complete support) to customize formulas.

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Infinite Scrolling Image ViewPager. Según lo documentado por Google, la clase Galería estaba obsoleta en el nivel 16 de la API. Este widget ya no es compatible.

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global.document.dispatch(new Event('scroll')) [this was done after adjusting the scroll position] After rendering my component which has around 19 li elements in it [each li element has a 10px x 10px image and a title], I am trying to check the height of my component to scroll to that position, but unluckily everything is coming to 0.

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Basically its scrolling vertically 10 times. You may need to give different x and y coordinates. You can easily find this out when you enable "pointer location" on your device. The scrollable area should be tagged as "scrollable". You can use Android UIAutomator and UiScrollable to solve this.

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Horizontal Scroll RecyclerView. Implement RecyclerView Gradle Library. RecyclerView widget is not available by default when you create new Android project. Vertical Scroll RecyclerView. Initially in the activity you need to define the RecyclerView widget's id. Here we need to create Adapter for the...

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Appium JAVA client version : 7.3.0 In the latest version of Appium JAVA client, we don’t have direct method to perform scroll functionality. In this post, lets frame a logic to perform vertical scroll within android app. This logic can be tweaked to perform horizontal scroll as well. I am making a website which consists of horizontally scrolled wrapper with sections. And one of the sections, when in view, have text which scrolls vertically and after text ends, main wrapper continues to scroll horizontally. I made horizontal scroll with scrollmagic and GSAP, but I am not sure ...

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