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管理者用のTerraformと作業者用のTerraform用に2つトークンが必要になりますが、まずは 管理者用のトークンを作成します。ポリシーはrootと同じものでいいと思いますが念の為ttlを設定して 作成しました。

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vault_aws_secret_backend_role; ... All data provided in the resource configuration will be written in cleartext to state and plan files generated by Terraform, and ...

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2AWS: Secrets Manager Resources. Manages a certificate to be used with an AWS Auth Backend in Vault. This resource sets the AWS public key and the type of document that can be verified against the key that Vault can then use to verify the instance identity documents making auth requests.

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管理者用のTerraformと作業者用のTerraform用に2つトークンが必要になりますが、まずは 管理者用のトークンを作成します。ポリシーはrootと同じものでいいと思いますが念の為ttlを設定して 作成しました。

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The secrets.tfvars file is a symbolic link to one of the files with secrets which are not stored in We provide a terraform module called terraform-aws-kms-key to make provisioning the KMS key easy. Use the terraform-aws-tfstate-backend module to provision a bucket and DynamoDB locking table...

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A secret engine is a backend used in Vault to provide secrets to Vault users. The simplest example of a secret engine is the key/value backend, which simply returns plain text values that may be stored at particular paths (these secrets remain encrypted on the backend).

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