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Oct 15, 2020 · By Shaun Ruffell In September of 2020, a team at the Systems and Network Security Group at VU Amsterdam announced a new technique for developing exploits they called BlindSide [1]. BlindSide allows an attacker to conduct Blind ROP-style [2] attacks against targets that are not crash-resistant, such as the Linux kernel. What does this mean for you as a system engineer? It means BlindSide can ...

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Dec 31, 2011 · A lot has been said and written already about heap spraying, but most of the existing documentation and whitepapers focus on IE7 or older versions. Although there are a number of public exploits available that target IE8, the exact technique to do so has not been really documented in detail. Of course, you can probably derive how it works by looking at those public exploits. With this tutorial ...

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Phishing Attack - Microsoft Windows Example. A phishing attack attempts to get email recipients to download an attachment from Windows In this sample, the message appears to come from the “Windows Corporation,” an organization that possesses “state-of-the-art manufacturing quality processes.”

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Figure 1 shows a ROP attack that spawns a command shell. The attack begins with an attacker injecting an exploit payload on to the stack, exploiting a buffer overflow. The payload is crafted to overwrite the return address with the address of a short code snippet within the program, called a gadget, that ends in a return instruction.

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ROP attacks are classified into ret-based ROP and jmp-based ROP or JOP. In a real-life ROP attack, the adversary may mix both types of gadgets. The gadgets used in ROP attacks typically have the following features. Small Size. A gadget’s code section is usually small, e.g., consisting of 2 to 5 instructions [18], which leads to the lack

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IntroductionContinuing with the Windows exploit development our next stop is learning how to craft ROP chains. In the context of this blogpost we will be using them to disable DEP and execute shellcode on the stack; however, ROP chains are extremely versatile and in different contexts can be very powerful. Obviously stack based overflows aren’t a very common bug class these days compared to ... May 19, 2014 · The chart I see when following the link in the sentence “Silverlight exploits are also ideal because Silverlight continues to gain rich Internet application market share” is for a date range July 09 – Sept 12, which doesn’t support the words of the sentence at all – Silverlight could have fallen off a cliff in the last 18 months

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