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I can see in the task manager that the process starts for a second and then goes away. In the results in the eventlog for the task is always that it starts "with return code 2147942401.".

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VCC: 3.3 V, VCCQ: 1.8 V Failed to initialize eMMC (return code: 17, CMD Error: Timeout) !!! CMD1 error, cmd response: 0x0, card state: 255 (Card is in unknown state) SEND_OP_COND command failed.

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Apr 14, 2016 · I get this solution from Win 2008 Task Scheduler With Return Code 1 (0X1) It has been many hours very frustrated as to why my console app works fine running interactively but not when it runs in Window Task Scheduler. I got this in the history for the task '...action "C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\cmd.exe" with return code 2147942401'

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I also had to grant my service account the ability to run batch scripts. See batch file from scheduled task returns code 2147942401.Now I see one difference. On the good computers, the history tab, "Action competed" category it gives a return code of 0. On the faulty computers, it gives a return code of 2147942401 which googling tells...

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Jul 28, 2015 · Recently, I spent some time getting a PowerShell script run scheduled in Windows Task Scheduler. In this article I describe the most important findings about creating the schedule, calling the script and capturing its output. Let's assume that you know how to manually create tasks in Task Scheduler. To call

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2. State all paths. Try to explicitly state all paths used in the scripts or batches files. Don’t use short path. e.g. the code in Test.bat. call test.bat > test.log

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