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How to run the SQL Server instance from the administrator or local account? Run the SQL server instance in the administrator mode in order to perform backup and restore of an SQL server. To run SQL server instance, Go to the services wizard, right click 'SQL Server Instance' and select 'Properties'. Go to the 'Log On' tab and select 'This account'.

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The host must be removed from the VMware Distributed Switch (vDS) before attempted removal of the host from vSphere. The obvious solution if to remove the host from the vDS and then you can remove the host (Assuming you have placed it in maintenance mode as per the above error).

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The supported host types are i3 and i3en. The Cluster parameter has been added to the Add-VmcSddcHost cmdlet to allow adding hosts to a specific cluster. The Cluster parameter has been added to the Remove-VmcSddcHost cmdlet to allow removing hosts from a specific cluster.

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Mar 13, 2018 · Go to Hardware > Table and select your host.Click remove host. Click OK when prompted; The removal process will start and you can follow progress under tasks. This is a time consuming process. Once the process is complete you should see a decrease in available dataspace and the host will be no longer visible.

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I am trying to remove a virtual host item from httpd-vhosts.conf with sed, with a correct matching regex. I want to delete a block like thisDedicated server from €8.00 excl. VAT/month. Intel processor - 100 Mbps bandwidth - 500 GB to 1 TB hard disk - 2 to 16 GB RAM

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