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2.Weak pilot flame. 3.Thermocouple dirty or defective. 4. Push button power unit defective. 1. Dirty pilot or orifice. 2. Pilot tubing plugged or pinched off. 3. Incoming gas pressure too low. 1. Pilot flame too small. 2. Air draft blowing pilot flame out. 3. Electrical supply interruption. 1. Burner orifices dirty. 2. Gas pressure too low. 3.

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Woody discusses a problem with a direct-vent gas fireplace where there is too much flame on a pilot light, and shows you how to properly adjust it while also...

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Nitrous Oxide compounds are formed when Nitrogen "burns" due to combustion temperatures getting too high. Flame Fail - System in the burner where the Burner Management System senses that the flame is out, will try to restart, but then shut off the fuel supply for safety and environmental reasons if restart cannot be accomplished after a designed number of tries. The reasons that a flame fail system is included in Burner Management Systems and other related devices are twofold: safety and ...

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second video clip of Pilot Flame Click in the video to see Open Car! Taken from Weather Report , The number one album by Pilot Flame How to light or relight your water heater's pilot flame. This model has a Piezoelectric igniter which allows for push-button pilot lighting.

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At high burner firing rates, the pilot flame may be too small to reignite the main flame.

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Dec 21, 2013 · R.G. : Yes a 6 inch pilot flame could definitly cause a problem, most gas valves have an adjustment on them for the piot, could,just need adjusting or be a problem with valve or gas press too high. 74 No high voltage NO 230V AT COMPRESSOR 76 Low speed didn’t start 3 times LOW STAGE REPEAT NO START 78 High speed didn’t start 3 times HIGH STAGE REPEAT NO START 79 Run Capacitor Failed RUN CAPACITOR FAILED 81 Low capacity thermal lockout THERMAL LOCKOUT IN LOW STAGE 4 HOURS

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