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Download Now. SaveSave Parallel Lines and Transversals Game For Later. 100%(10)100% found this document useful (10 votes). This is a simple one or two person game practicing the names of all the different angle pairs formed by parallel lines and transversals. Copyright

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In this video on parallel lines and transversals I have students write down three things that they understood about transversals from the video. Dance, Dance, Transversal is an idea that I found on Pinterest. Click this link to read more about this fun activity. Basically, the activity is inspired by Dance...

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Explore Exploring Parallel Lines and Transversals A transversal is a line that intersects two coplanar lines at two different points. In the figure, line t is a transversal. The table summarizes the names of angle pairs formed by a transversal. Angle Pair Example Corresponding angles lie on the same side of the transversal and on the same

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Parallel Lines Cut by a Transversal Reteach Parallel Lines Parallel lines never meet. Parallel Lines Cut by a Transversal A line that crosses parallel lines is a transversal. Eight angles are formed. If the transversal is not perpendicular to the parallel lines, then four angles are acute and four are obtuse. The acute angles are all congruent. 3-2 Angles Formed by Parallel Lines and Transversals Lesson Quiz State the theorem or postulate that is related to the measures of the angles in each pair. Then find the unknown angle measures. 1. m 1 = 120°, m 2 = (60x)° 2. m 2 = (75x –30)°, m 3 = (30x + 60)° Corr. s Post.; m 2 = 120°, m 3 = 120° Alt. Ext. s Thm.; m 2 = 120°

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A transversal line is whatever line that intersects parallel lines. Parallel lines cut by transversals create numerous sets of congruent and supplementary angles. This knowledge enables us to transfer and make use of known values to determine unknown values.

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Parallel lines are lines which are always the same distance apart and never meet. Arrowheads show lines are parallel. When a pair of parallel lines is cut with another line known as an intersecting transversal, it creates pairs of angles with special properties.

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