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The dice game is a great way to teach and review ordering and comparing numbers with your 1st grade students. For students with beginning number sense use activities with smaller numbers and as the students’ understanding of numbers becomes more advanced challenge them with higher numbers.

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math worksheets > > order of operations > > with parentheses SuperKids Math Worksheet Creator Order of Operations with Parentheses Example: (4 + 3) x 5 = 35 Create your own order of operations worksheets (with answer sheets) using addition, subtraction, multiplication and divsion, with positive and negative integers, and parentheses!

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A number line is a line on which numbers are represented in ascending order. This number line can be extended to the left to represent numbers which are smaller than 0. Such numbers are called negative numbers. For example, –1 (called negative one or minus one) is positioned 1 unit to the left of 0.

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Number Codes. Cut out some squares and write numbers from 0-9 on them (do about 4 sets of 0-9). Put the numbers in a box and then instruct the students to take out the numbers and place them in a line as you call them out. Then check that the number code is the same as you called out. This also works well for phone numbers. Number Group Game ...

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Counting Caterpillar is a mobile friendly number ordering game, suitable for 4 to 7 years olds. Practise ordering consecutive and non-consecutve numbers (numbers not next to one another). Use your knowledge of place value to put numbers in the correct order from the smallest to the largest. Step 1: Choose a minimum number.

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Secondly, an understanding of and use of the vocabulary of comparing and ordering numbers, including ordinal numbers such as first, second, third and fourth. Terms such as most, least, smallest, largest and between are used in Year 1 and children are expected to understand and use these to compare and order numbers. Color by Number Worksheets Coloring pages. Select from 35429 printable Coloring pages of cartoons, animals, nature, Bible and many more.

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