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与其它渲染器不同,Octane渲染器可以手动设置追踪深度,相比传统的基于CPU渲染,可达到10到50倍的速度提升。 Octane Render可以使用你的电脑显卡来渲染真实感图像,使用Octane Render的并行计算能力,您可以创建令人惊叹的效果.

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This adapter fits all metric 13.5 X 1 LH threaded barrels, when installed allows the use of all 5/8″-24 threaded barrel devices or accessories. To install it, all you have to do is un-screw your M13.5-1 left handed barrel cap, break or other device / accessory and then replace it with this adapter which will give you a 5/8″-24 male thread ...

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This mount replaces the piston, spring, and retainer on your Octane or Omega suppressors, turning them into a direct thread mount for fixed barrel firearms. It allows the use of the Octane 9 and Octane 45, as well of the Omega 9K on a fixed barrel firearm with thread size 1/2x36.

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Silencerco Piston Osprey/Octane .578x28 Piston .578"-28 Osprey/Octane AC24 ... SilencerCo Hybrid Direct Thread Mount, 11/16x24, Black Finish AC2439 ... 45 ACP AC2448 ...

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Nov 29, 2014 · Octane 45 is a great can and Silencershop has a great black friday deal right now. Buy an octane 45 and get a free threaded Glock 21 barrel. Even if you don't have a Glock, you could re-sell the barrel. I don't know about the Silencershop direct thing, but they can Form 3 it to your local dealer, and then he can Form 4 it to you.

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I heard that Octane 2020 would be able to use the video RAM on multiple RTX cards, so that if you had 2 RTX 2080Ti cards, Octane would use 22 gig of video RAM, not just 11. Anybody know anything about this?These interchangeable, modular thread adapters, are available in a variety of different thread pitches to allow the Harvester 300 and Omega 9/45K to be The mount sits flush with the suppressor. These were primarily designed for the Harvester 300, but work great in the Omega K and Octane series of...

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