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The "SQLite.NET.2005.sln" file is the top-level solution primarily designed for use with Visual Studio 2005 in the IDE; however, it may also be used from the command line with MSBuild 2.0. The "SQLite.NET.2008.sln" file is the top-level solution primarily designed for use with Visual Studio 2008 in the IDE; however, it may also be used from the ...

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When using a third-party NuGet package source such as MyGet, you have to create a NuGet.config file in order to use either nuget.exe or dotnet.exe CLI tools on VSTS Build. We have two options: * check-in a NuGet.config file right next to your.sln file * dynamically create the NuGet.config file on VSTS in a pre-restore step

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Mar 17, 2017 · To install Angular2 Template for MVC & WebAPI, run the following command in the Package Manager Console Install-Package Angular2-Template-for-MVC-and-WebAPI This Nuget Package will help you to integrate Angular2 JS framework into ASP.NET MVC or WebAPI applications Package includes ASP.NET MVC compatible tsconfig.json, typings.json, systemjs.config.js, package.json files.

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Jul 09, 2020 · < GeneratePackageOnBuild Condition =" '$(Configuration)'=='RELEASE'" > true < /GeneratePackageOnBuild > < NuspecFile > MyBuildTask.nuspec < /NuspecFile > Note: Many articles reference Replace Tokens to work around the configuration issue, but I've found that .NET Core on Linux replaces $Configuration$ with an empty string. If you working with Legacy .NET applications, or if this is fixed at a later date, you may wish to utilize that feature. Jun 28, 2018 · To view the properties directly in the project file, right-click the project in Solution Explorer and select Edit AppLogger.csproj. Run the pack command. Set the configuration to Release. Right click the project in Solution Explorer and select the Pack command. Visual Studio builds the project and creates the .nupkg file.

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Package source sections in NuGet.config files · sources command ( nuget.exe) When developing dotnet-outdated I had to find a way to determine the packages referenced by a project. At first, I was using BuildAlyzer, but after a suggestion from a user, I decided to look into using the .NET Core CLI itself to generate a dependency graph.


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B. Select the package you wish to install. 4. Click on the Install button to select the desired NuGet package(s) to include with the project. Accept the license agreement and Visual Studio will continue the setup. 5. Open the app/web.config file to configure the ODP.NET connection string and local naming parameters (i.e. tnsnames.ora).

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