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Aug 14, 2018 · The Text to Columns tool is a more advanced way to split delimited data. It can be accessed from the Excel Ribbon under: Data > Data Tools > Text to Columns

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I want to split a string variable. If you have Stata 7, a previous version of split is available from SSC, and you can bail out now, unless you too want to keep reading.

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Stata makes it very easy to create a scatterplot and regression line using the graph twoway command. We will illustrate this using the hsb2 data file. Split text string at specific character in a cell in Excel. This tutorial explains how to split texts string at a specific character into separate column cells with formulas in Excel.

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The distinction makes no sense: If you can do something "manually" in Stata, it can be programmed, if only via a .do file. I can't suggest specific code because I don't understand exactly what you want to do. – Nick Cox Jun 9 '13 at 17:51

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关于决策树理论方面的介绍,李航的《统计机器学习》第五章有很好的讲解。传统的id3和c4.5一般用于分类问题,其中id3使用信息增益进行特征选择,即递归的选择分类能力最强的特征对数据进行分割,c4.5唯一不同的是使用信息增益比进行特征选择。 恅璃標 PATH 蹈桶 橙唗蹈瘍峈 EC88-FED3 D:. 岫 adolist.trk 岫 backup.trk 岫 lian_plus_dir.txt 岫 lian_plus_tree.txt 岫 岫 stata.trk 岫 念岸a 岫 a2group.ado 岫 a2group.hlp 岫 a2reg.ado 岫 a2reg.hlp 岫 aaplot.ado 岫 aaplot.sthlp 岫 abar.ado 岫 abar.hlp 岫 absdid.ado 岫 absdid.sthlp 岫 abspath.ado 岫 ac.ado 岫 ac.hlp 岫 ac2.ado 岫 ac2.dlg 岫 ac2.hlp 岫 ...

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