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* names in italics represents names that have no etymological connection to the Irish name, but were used as English "translations" based upon the fact that they have similar sounds or meanings.

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Symbolic meaning Number of faces Geometrical name Fire 4 Tetrahedron Water 20 Icosahedron Air 8 Octahedron Earth 6 Hexahedron Cosmos 12 Dodecahedron There is a special relationship among the number of vertices, faces and edges in a polyhedron. Look for patterns in the table in question 6 to discover the relationship. By adding or subtracting

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Sep 23, 2008 · Pär Thörn Sarah Death Pär Thörn/Glänta Eurozine Glänta Glänta 1-2/2008 2008-09-23 Sarah Death Pär Thörn/Glänta Eurozine Glänta Glänta 1-2/2008 2008-09-23

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The name is derived from a Proto-Germanic form *meldunjaz, from the Germanic root of *malanan "to grind" When Sindri returns and pulls their creation from the fire, it is revealed to be a boar with hair of gold. Historian Gabriel Turville-Petre also suggests that Mjolnir's blessing was a possible means of...

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