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BALLAST RESISTOR: MAKE SURE that you have the proper ballast resistor or resistance wire installed. For 1966 & under years GM cars, the resistance across the ballast resistor or resistance wire should be 1.8 ohms. For 1967 & up year GM cars, the resistance across the ballast resistor or resistance wire should be 1.3 ohms.

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Mopar Performance Blaster Coil - P5155514. These high-performance cylindrical Blaster Coils are oil-filled. They feature 100:1 turns ratio, threaded-stud primary connection and conventional "socket-style" tower. Designed for high-performance street and race applications. Use 1/4-ohm ballast resistor P2444641 when used with ignition kits P3690426, P3690427, P3690428.

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Connect the L terminal to the resistor and positive to the other side of the resistor, motor should run on Low speed. Now, remove the ground from the P2 terminal and ground the L terminal and jumper positive to P1 and the motor should park.

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1966-74 Mopar B-Body 1967-76 Mopar A-Body 1970-74 Mopar E-Body Dakota Holley Gen III HEMI Swaps 1972-1993 Pick-up & Ramcharger Gen III Swaps Holley Terminator-X Gen III Hemi Systems Gen III Hemi Mounts / Brackets Gen III Hemi Mopar Crate Engine Installation Parts Sep 20, 2018 · The ballast resistor has a hot wire from ‘I think’ the ignition, and I don’t remember off hand if that’s Start or Run. The other side of the ballast is also connected to the + side of the coil. The negative side of the coil has only one wire and that is the green wire from the module.

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Aug 27, 2020 · The spec was to measure including the ballast resistor. One with ignition on and one running. I need to run it in series. Am I right in thinking I would unhook the positive wire from the coil, and hook my multi- meter in between the positive feed wire and coil. Or do need to between the ignition wire and ballast resistor to get the full circuit.

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So here is what you need to do to install an aftermarket sparkbox and delete the ballast resistor. 1. Remove the ballast resistor. 2. Connect the Red I1 wire to I2 pink wire (same side of resistor) 3. Connect the SparkBox RUN wire to step #2 (I1+I2) -Brian Coil Wire Attachment:Female/Socket Coil Style:Canister Primary Resistance:1.400 ohms Coil Internal Construction:Oil-filled Coil Color:Black Turns Ratio:60:1 Secondary Resistance:5.2K ohms Inductance:7.5 mH Mounting Bracket Included:No Coil Wire Included:No Ballast Resistor Included:Yes Coil Shape:Round Diameter (in):2.125 in. Height (in):5.750 in.

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