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Question 2: n fixed-fixed beam of length 30 cm is put under a uniform load of 200 gm having x as 20 cm. Determine the moment. Solution: Given parameters are. Length L = 30 cm, Uniform load w = 200 gms, Displacement x = 20 cm. The moment is. V = −wx 2 /2 = −0.2kg×0.2 2 / 2 = 0.004 kg m 2.

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The moment-distribution method provided engineers with a simple iterative procedure for analyzing highly statically indeterminate structures. This method, which was the most widely used by structural engineers during the period from about 1930 to 1970, contributed significantly to their understanding of the behaviour of statically indeterminate frames.

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4.2 Calculation of Second Moment of Area / Moment of Inertia and Radius of ... 7.3 Calculation of Member Forces of Truss by method of ... NPTEL; E-course Online ...

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To study matrix methods there are some pre-requisites : i) Matrix Algebra - Addition, subtraction ,Multiplication & inversion of matrices (Adjoint Method ) ii) Methods of finding out Displacements i.e. slope & deflection at any point in a structure, such as a)Unit load method or Strain energy method b) Moment area method etc. Theorem I. The change in slope between the tangents drawn to the elastic curve at any two points A and B is equal to the product of 1/EI multiplied by the area of the moment diagram between these two points. θ A B = 1 E I ( A r e a A B) Area Moment Method Part 1 - Basic Concepts | Theory of Structures - YouTube.

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Bending – Stress Distribution due to bending moment and shearing force - Flitched Beams – Leaf springs. UNIT III DEFLECTION OF BEAMS 9 Elastic curve – Governing differential equation - Double integration method - Macaulay's method - Area moment method - conjugate beam method for computation of slope and deflection of

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(a) Moment Area Method : The free body diagram of the beam is shown below along with their M/EI diagrams. The unknowns and can be obtained with the condition that the vertical deflection and slope at B are zero.

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