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adb reboot bootloader error: insufficient permissions for device: user in plugdev group; are your udev rules wrong?

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2010-01-19 – As announced earlier, the set of PSR gravure profiles has now been extended with the addition of the “SC-Plus” standard. The complete set of documentation, recommendations for use, and characterisation data for paper types “LWC Plus”, “LWC Standard”, “SC Standard”, “SC Plus” and “News Plus” is now available for download.

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After spring 20 release update in my sandbox i'm finding that non-cached apex response object cannot be extended and the lwc controller is throwing exception "Cannot add a property x, object not extensible". I believe after spring 20, the controller runs in strict mode where you can't extend the response object.

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Some users may get a ulimit error (no permission/cannot open file) while script is starting up. If an error appears (no permission), you will have to log in as root to change the parameter.

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Jan 25, 2020 · In Internet of Things (IoT), the massive connectivity of devices and enormous data on the air have made information susceptible to different type of attacks. Cryptographic algorithms are used to provide confidentiality and maintain the integrity of the information. But small size, limited computational capability, limited memory, and power resources of the devices make it difficult to use the ...

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