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Lesson 25-28: A Very Good Lie Comprehension Goals: Lesson 25 Introducing the Text Discussing and Revisting the Text Discuss with the students the importance of being sure everyone gets a chance to talk. Prompt them to wait until someone finishes talking before they start talking

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Watch this video and more at: "The Truth About... Lying" covers the controversial topic of lying. Should we lie to try and benef...

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Lying, even over the smallest reasons, needlessly damages personal relations and public trust. In many cases, false encouragement can harm the other person. Telling a fat person they’re thin, telling a bad writer they’re doing great, telling a sloppy mess that they’re attractive, these all hold them back from fixing their problems.

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A. Confession is the telling of our sins to a duly authorized priest, for the purpose of obtaining forgiveness. Q. 777. Who is a duly authorized priest? A. A duly authorized priest is one sent to ...

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A LESSON IN LYING Immanuel Kant believed that telling a lie, even a white lie, is a violation of one's own dignity. Professor Sandel asks students to test Kant's theory with this hypothetical case: if your friend were hiding inside your home, and a person intent on killing your friend came to your door and asked you where he was, would it be wrong to tell a lie?

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But this older sister, a noble and beloved follower of Jesus, was in for a surprise. At the end of Luke 10, Jesus gave Martha a mild rebuke and a strong lesson about where her real priorities ought to lie. The passage is short but rich. Luke writes:

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