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Laguna has recently changed their wax formula. It is now called Laguna Premium wax. It is no longer the same formula as Mobil-Cer-A. Wax Resist is a wax emulsion that repels underglazes and glazes that are applied over it. The wax will burn off during the firing process, revealing designs or base colors underneath.

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This clay, Laguna #16, also called Miller #617, is a porcelain marketed for cone 6. On their website, Laguna describes it as “Grolleg Cone 6 porcelain similar to #15 with more ball clay, making it less white, more plastic and forgiving. Additional silica reduces crazing in some glazes.

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Cone 5 glazes, underglazes and majolica. Use the 21 Versa5 colors straight from the jar, or mix them into thousands of different colors and hues. Laguna glazes have no instructions on the label. Visit Laguna Clay's website for guidelines on using Laguna Glazes.

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Laguna B-Mix 5 w/grog Stoneware Clay Cone 5; Laguna B-Mix 5 w/grog Stoneware Clay Cone 5 . A very fine grog makes for a more forgiving body with a slight texture and ...

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Hello! I recently purchased some Laguna Speckled Buff (WC-403) and have been throwing some pieces on the wheel. I have been looking for a perfect honey brown/light tan speckled clay and finally came across this one. Anyway, I made and fired some pieces with a Cone 6 cone in the kiln sitter and ev...

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Clay Charts; Casting Slip. Casting Slip - SDS Sheets; Materials. Materials - SDS Sheets; Glaze. Cone 5/6 Lead Free Glazes - Dry; Mixing Instructions & Specific Gravity C/5-6 Glazes; Cone 5/6 Layering Combinations; Low Fire Glossy Glazes – Cone 06-04 – Liquid Form; Majolica Glazes – Low Fire Cone 05-04 – Liquid Form; Low-Fire, Lead-Free ... Laguna Bmix Cone 10 - Ceramic Clay - Pottery Clay for Potters (Best Mix Plus Cone 10) (25 lb) Description. Ceramic pottery wheel throwing clay, premium cream white porcelain clay; Water-based natural ceramic potters clay is easy to throw and form

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