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Kaba lagard product-catalog_en_01. 1. LA GARD Safe & Vault Equipment Electronic Safe Locks 6. 09/2010© Kaba Mauer GmbH Heiligenhaus 6 01 - Electronic Combination Locks Lock Options lock...

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Customize the lock by adding functions via the LA GARD PC programming software. The eKey function permits dual-token opening of the lock using a combination and the eKey. Different input units - all in metal design - are available with a soft keypad or a dome membrane keypad.

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Dialing Your Mechanical Lock Combination. LaGard Spy Proof Combination Dial Safe Lock.

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The 2200 (or 2240, 2270) is a UL 768 Group 2 rated disc-detainer lock made by La Gard. It is one of the few disc-detainer locks designed for use on safes. The 2200 is reyekable through the use of a change key similar to those used in combination safe locks.If your Heritage safe has a manual combination lock with tumblers, the combination is unique and set by the company. If the lock has the word "LaGard" printed below the zero, then the lock is a...

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New Loc-Line®. Mirror Kit. Our USA-made mirror kit positions easily for optimal viewing! Loc-Line® 1/2″ adjustable arm and magnetic base make a perfect setup. The magnet can be replaced with a...

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New ultra secure combination lock mechanism. Polish Combination Lock is ideal for safe, padlock and door. PCL has very unique design and is highly scalable.Twist, lock & go™. Quad Lock® is the strongest and most secure mounting system in the world that integrates your smartphone into an active lifestyle. The unique approach of integrating the...

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