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JEBS 12ga 660 TURKEY CHOKE FOR RETAY. RETAY USA. JEB660. $100.00. Notify me when this product is available: Qty. Add to Cart. Always Secure Shoppings. JEBS 660 Turkey Choke.

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Jebs turkey chokes Post by Cont520 » April 24th, 2013, 4:37 am I would say with factory loads I have noticed a difference from a jebs vs the cheaper chokes you are referring to.

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May 11, 2018 · The panic is over with the choke companies now where steel and other non tox is concerned , tighter constrictions are out there in chokes designed to handle HW type shot routene and if you look at the specs on jebs and others the waterfowl dedicated tubes in the 10s are available in the same constrictions as for turkey, in 12s and 20s the ...

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Carlson's Long Beard XR Turkey Choke Tubes are specifically designed for turkey hunting with Winchester® Long Beard Turkey shotgun shells, that feature Shot-Lok® Technology. This dynamic duo keeps lead shot nearly perfectly round for super tight, long-range patterns. Pure Gold Shotgun Chokes (803) 328-6829. 2258 Brattonsville Road, McConnells, South Carolina. We accept. Credit Card Powered by Web Land ...

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Beretta Choke Tube Optimachoke Hp "Black Edition" 20mm Extended 12 Ga. Beretta Optima-Choke® HP tubes stand up to the heat of competition. Manufactured from high strength steel, these chokes guarantee significant corrosion resistance and have the ability to withstand the rigors of steel shot.

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Jan 06, 2013 · Well I decided to try out a Rob Roberts t2 choke wich is his mid-range. Shooting a sbe2 with 3.5" Hevi-Metal 3's at 35 yards. Been using a Kicks high flyer mod or fact mod choke. With the kicks and mod choke i get a very tight pattern at 35 yards. The t2 choke gave me about the same pattern as the factory mod. Very tight. I got a new jeb's turkey choke for my sbe and it is shooting low and to the right. Can adjusting the shims fix this? Can a choke cause the poi to change?

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