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Step 1 − Use Integration Builder URL or T-code — SXMB_IFR. Step 2 − Go to the System Landscape directory on SAP PI 7.3 screen and click Product as shown below. If you are prompted to enter the username and password, enter the details. Step 3 − Navigate to the Technical System area on the left pane of the System Landscape Directory.

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Configuring SAP R/3 Inbound Processing. SAP R/3 inbound processing requires the upstream system to transfer an IDoc to the IDoc interface through the ERP System port. For this reason, you do not have to specify a port in the inbound partner profiles; the IDoc interface only must recognize the upstream system as a port.

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The SAP ERP system delivers a wide range of predefined IDoc base types, which can be used for data exchange. These predefined IDocs may not fully satisfy all requirements, in which case new IDoc types can be In order to be able to read the contents of an IDoc, the first step is to understand its structure.

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Step 1: Import MATMAS metadata using the SAP Metadata utility. Perform the following steps to import the MATMAS IDoc: 1. Launch the SAP Metadata utility and specify the SAP connection properties to connect to the SAP system. 2. Verify that you select the IDoc option and then connect to the SAP system. The startrfc program is a standard SAP program at the OS level to call any RFC-enabled function module in SAP. To trigger the inbound process, the startrfc program calls the function module EDI_DATA_INCOMING, which acts as the entry point for inbound processes. The name of the IDoc file is passed as an input parameter to this function module.

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In such cases, see the IDoc Interface documentation for further analysis. If transaction WE05 says that the IDoc handling was successfully passed to TRFC (status 03), look in transaction SM58 of the sender for errors of function block IDOC_INBOUND_ASYNCHRONOUS. For instance, you may find here the following entries:

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Here we will illustrate step by step approach for handling EDI Scenario in SAP PI( AS2 To File scenario). This blog will cover only the design and configuration objects required to build the interface and not the administration section. May 27, 2015 · SAP Release version number of the Idoc. Output Mode : 2 for immediate sending , collective sending. Data Section :it contains one or many segments which are arranged in hierarchical order. there is a concept of child and parent segment, a child segment may not exist if there is not the parent segment.

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