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I still say that in this case since the engine is junk and because those pulley sides are somewhat thin; cut it off, put it on a big socket and beat the shaft out with a big drift and hammer; no chance of damage that way.

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God help you if THAT one gets stuck. All kidding aside, all you can do is work it loose with a really good pair of vice grips. There's a couple different types of pulley pullers out there so it's hard to make suggestions without seeing a pic (I'm assuming you have the center bolt of the puller stuck in the shaft, maybe some PBblaster will help.

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Alternator pulley on an alternator pulled out of a 1968 Shelby. The outer pulley is aluminum. The inner "fan" has already come loose from the shaft, and spins freely. The aluminum pulley is stuck on the steel alternator shaft. I have soaked in repeatedly, and moved a tiny bit, but no more...

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Jun 08, 2015 · I need some help removing a pulley wheel from my the blower shaft on my swamp cooler. I already removed the set screw, and the wheel is definitely loose. However, I can't just pull it off as there appears to be something else installed holding the wheel to the shaft. See the photo in the link below. I circled the problem in red. Rear Of Old 3.5" Pulley: The larger 3.5" smooth supercharger idler pulley is located just above the crank shaft pulley (lowest & largest) and slightly closer to the front of the car. To remove the 3.5" SC idler pulley, place the 15mm socket and long handled wrench on the pulley's bolt.

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You're on the right track. Remove the one bolt in the center of the pulley assembly, and it's "supposed" to slide off of the splines. They are usually stuck. Penetrating oil is about the only thing that will make it easier. Been a long time since I messed with a diesel mule. Stuck Pulley Removal. Stuck Pulley Removal. Aug 7, 2017 ... Drive pulleys are generally a snug fit to the pulley shaft by design. Idler pulleys may have bearing sets or bushings that need to be similarly snug to the shaft. Corrosion and dirt contamination may contribute to this condition making these pulleys difficult to separate for service.

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