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With HTTP Debugger you can debug HTTP API calls to back-ends and between back-ends. It has a clean UI and is very easy to use. Does not change the browser configuration for the proxy and does not cause network issues.

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The External Data API enables you to upload external data files to Analytics. The External Data API can upload .csv files, and you can optionally specify the structure of your data by defining metadata in JSON format. The External Data API is available in API version 31 and later.

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Plaid helps all companies build fintech solutions by making it easy, safe and reliable for people to connect their financial data to apps and services.

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Calls received from each API key are monitored and included in the Amazon CloudWatch Logs you can enable for each stage. However, we do not recommend you use API keys for authorization. You should use API keys to monitor usage by third-party developers and leverage a stronger mechanism for authorization, such as signed API calls or OAuth.

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SeetaFace Engine is an open source C++ face recognition engine, which can run on CPU with no third-party dependence. It contains three key parts, i.e., SeetaFace Detection, SeetaFace Alignment and SeetaFace Identification, which are necessary and sufficient for building a real-world face recognition applicaiton system. If you are starting your fresh Laravel 5.7 project, and want to add the support for username or email for login and register, you could follow the steps from the beginning. For any existing project just upgraded to Laravel 5.7, it is, of course, useful to follow the article to customize your authentication system. Customization

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