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In the past, horizontal distance was measured by taping the distance, being very careful to maintain the tape in a horizontal plane, or by measuring the slope distance (typically with EDM equipment), measuring the zenith angle (using a theodolite or transit), and then computing the horizontal distance on a calcula tor. The 3810A Total Station ...

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The slope calculator determines the slope or gradient between two points in the Cartesian coordinate system. The slope is basically the amount of slant a line has, and can have a positive, negative, zero or undefined value. Before we can use the calculator it is probably worth learning how to find the slope using the slope formula.

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We will assume that the slope distance BC is measured as 30.920m and that the slope is measured as -2º from B to C. Typical data collected from line BC is shown in Figure 3. Figure 3: Data Collection Line BC . The tri-lateration is completed for this part of the survey by traversing between Station C back to Station A.

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In plane surveying, the distances measured are reduced to their equivalent horizontal distance either by the procedures used to make the. This instrument is generally used to obtaine roughly the slope angle of the ground. It consists of a rectangular, telescopic tube (without lenses) about 125mm...

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Why: sight distance, clearance, cover pipes, and investigate drainage. At the highest or lowest point, the tangent is horizontal, the derivative of Y w.r.t x = 0. Deriving the general formula gives: X = g. 1 l/(g 1 - g 2) = -g 1 /r where: X is the distance in stations from BVC to the high or low point.

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Look over the equation for calculating horizontal distance, which is slope = rise/run x 100. Plug your slope percentage and rise into the equation . For example, if you have a slope percentage of 6 and a rise of 25 feet, the equation would look like 6 = (25/run) x 100.

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