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: Konami : 2001 : Action : Aventure : CD : 1998Diver's Dream est un jeu d'action sur PC qui s'inspire du film Le Grand Bleu de Luc Besson. Dans ce jeu vous incarnez Roberto Meyer dont le rêve de sa vie est d'explorer l'épave de l'imposant navire Matilda.

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2. Put your all files from TXR2 .GDI or .CDI image (you can extract files with GDRom Explorer by japanese cake or any virtual drive which support DiscJuggler images) in LazyBoot "DATA" folder. 3. Copy BGM.AFS & SAMPLE.SFD file and overwrite all old files in DATA folder. 4. Run Lazyboot_v3.3.cmd from selfboot folder. 5.

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The most popular and trusted block explorer and crypto transaction search engine.The GDROM format cannot be copied using standard CD or DVD burners. However, the back door in the Dreamcasts ROM BIOS enabled pirates to eventually create monolithic CD-ROM images of video games that were bootable without any need for hardware modification. Who was going to pay for a game when it could be downloaded for free on the internet?

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GDI Explorer v1.4 and what next mood: peaceful So far, I have been working on a newer version of GDI Explorer. At first, I had said that I would fix bugs related to the gdi files which contain some tabulation caracters. Little by little, I saw that many had to be fixed up, especially in the code in charge of reading the path table of an iso file.

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Hmm, I seem to be having a problem with my USB GDROM. Was working until now. I can boot up to the blue menu just fine, however, selecting any cdi, gdi, etc will display a message that says "Firmware is obsolete". Corrigindo os erros<br /><br />Todos os sistemas sumiram<br /><br />Abra o RocketLauncherUI.exe<br />Clique na aba RocketLauncherUI<br />Clique no ícone +<br />Dê um nome para seu Frontend (ex: Hyperspin) e clique na lupa para colocar o caminho do exe.<br />Ex: C:\Hyperspin\hyperspin.exe<br /><br />Clique no ícone de disquete para salvar.<br /><br />Selecione o Hyperspin e ...

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