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Dec 07, 2020 · Call of the Scarab [January 21-23] To commemorate the first ringing of the Scarab Gong on January 23, 2006, players will be able to relive a portion of the Ahn’Qiraj gate opening by collecting items for turn-in.

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Much like its northern neighbor, Dragons Lair, Kirin Grove is a heavily forested area, but appears to be moreso than Dragons Lair as it is entirely comprised of forest. It's a coastal location, and dspite being tropical, it's not to far from the Great Iceberg Barrier .

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Kirin (Also known as Qilin, or Kylin) is a mythical hooved Chimera creature known in East Asia Cultures. It is said to be a good omen and bring Serenity or Prosperity. It is often depicted with fire covering its body. Kirin is said to be peaceful and punish the wicked. Some legends say he is a pet of the gods. References

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The minstrel emerges from his hiding place, full awed by the sight of the legendary beast, and declares that his word was true: you are indeed the hero to whom the Kirin has pledged its fealty. Whensoever you call upon it with a blast from the whistle, the immortal beast will return to you from its otherworldly kingdom, and whisk you ...

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The Kirin Tor tabard helps the player with the faction grind for World of Warcraft characters who spend a lot of time running through Northrend instances. The Kirin Tor will remain active in the Burning Crusade and be a major part of Azeroth, but its role will diminish with the release of Cataclysm.

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