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AADSTS20001: Signin response message does not contain an issued token. Hi, I configure AD FS, AD DS, Web APP Proxy , and Free 30 day trial SSL Certificate for Federation namespace , convert standard domain to federated domain on my Office 365.

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Jul 17, 2017 · Get an ID token! These are meant for client consumption! Need to know which groups a user is a member of? Get an access token to the AAD or Microsoft Graph API and query the API! Now lets go back to the original problem. If groupMembershipClaims are not meant for clients to get the claims in the access token, what are they used for?

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We have a large number of users (lets say 50% of our users) who can no longer connect to Outlook/OneNote (or any other It will sync anything you add to it through Explorer. Accessing Office 365 Online (through any web browser) works perfectly fine. Log: 0xcaa1007b Acquire token failed.

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According to this, bulk enrollment does not allow for user affinity, however according to the bulk enrollment page, auto-enrollment is a pre-req of bulk - on the local machine, in the event viewer, it always say "MDM Session: Failed to get AAD Token for sync session (Unknown Win32 Error...It should fail and probably give more meaningful error saying invalid secret provided. Also, Update the SPN key to use existing SPN. Since I am using ARM, what I have done as a one-off solution is to generate a key that doesn't expire via the portal (AAD > App Registrations > [select the app...

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The user space daemon calls ioctl(,IOCTL_MW_GET_IPC), and the driver returns after an interrupt arrived. The actual wait used interruptible_sleep_on(), which can lead to lost wakeups. A local spinlock on the stack is used to close that race, but this is broken on SMP, perhaps even with preempt.

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- memcg: account security cred as well to kmemcg - mm: move_pages: return valid node id in status if the page is already on the target node - mm/oom: fix pgtables units mismatch in Killed process message - ocfs2: fix the crash due to call ocfs2_get_dlm_debug once less - [x86,arm64] pstore/ram: Write new dumps to start of recycled zones - [x86 ... I configured the kernel compile para according to the kdump-tutorial, and get dump file in /var/crash/ through echo c > /proc/sysrq-trigger. but when I analyze the dump file using command: crash -d8 vmlinux dumpfile

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