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Keep getting the same message ie ''connecting server failed'' can not view my camaras remotly of otherwise Any advice would be much appreciated tHANKS. Show More. Show Less. Ask Your Own Computer Question. ... I have a Mac laptop hooked up to the printer and also a windows vista with a wireless connection and an airport. The wireless connection ...

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When I run SysDVR on my switch , a black screen appears and says "Failed to connect to SysDVR, is the module set up properly? Press A to quit." am I doing anything wrong? is it because I am running on SXOS? However I read from here that SXOS should be compatible so I dont think that is the issue.

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Using nxshell to remove the sysmodule (placing it in another location temporarily) and then rebooting might fix this. Afterwards, I would guess replacing the file to its correct location again and rebooting would re-enable SysDVR thus disabling nxmtp, goldleaf, and tinfoil.

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WD Sync cannot connect to server hit me the first time I set it up earlier this year and found that if I uninstall it and then re-install WDSync.exe the problem goes away. Then my laptop died and I reloaded everything on another laptop and tried to setup WDSync again and the same problem came back. Adaptive transport is a new data transport mechanism for XenApp and XenDesktop and available in Citrix policies. When set to Preferred, data transport over EDT is used as primary and fallback to TCP.By default, adaptive transport is disabled (Off) and TCP is always used.For testing purposes, you can set Diagnostic mode, in which case only EDT is used, and fallback to TCP is disabled.

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