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Node-RED Library. Find new nodes, share your flows and see what other people have done with Node-RED.

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Rtsp delay time Rtsp delay time # import imagezmq from parent directory import sys sys.path.insert(0, '../imagezmq') # imagezmq.py is in ../imagezmq import numpy as np import cv2 import imagezmq image_hub = imagezmq.ImageHub() while True: # show streamed images until Ctrl-C rpi_name, jpg_buffer = image_hub.recv_jpg() image = cv2.imdecode(np.fromstring(jpg_buffer, dtype='uint8'), -1) # see opencv docs for info on -1 parameter ...

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rtsp client c# free download. Mailspring Mailspring is a fast and lean mail client that’s a new version of Nylas Mail. ... This is an ESP32 client library for the ...

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For ESP32 boards [HEXFILE] would be replaced by ArduCounter-8266.bin for example. [LOGFILE] is automatically replaced ArduCounterFlash.log in the fhem log subdirectory. [NETPORT] is automatically replaced by the tcp port number used for OTA flashing. For ESP32 this usually is 3232 and for 8266 Bords it is 8266. keepAliveDelay <delay>

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