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Nowadays, in the years of ORM, barely anyone thinks about stored procedures, but they are still there and accessing and reading data with ADO and SqlDataReader ist still the fastest way. Stored procedures are validated, parsed and compiled in SQL server, so these steps are not required to be performed versus plaint text query (which is what ...

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T-SQL Insert Exec. This tutorial covers how to use Insert Exec to extract data returned from a stored procedure into a table for manipulation. It also covers some of the issues associated with using Insert Exec within T-SQL code.

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In EF 6, we used to have SqlQuery to do both actions in one command, how can I do the same in EF core ? UPDATED: Temporarily, I run 2 query, one to get the output param and one I did something like this :- -- My stored procedure: CREATE PROCEDURE p1 AS. Begin. Return 29. End go.

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RETURN causes an immediate return/exit from the stored procedure (with or without a value). The return value is an integer and its typical use is for an error or status code. There is also only one return value.

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Nov 13, 2014 · In the Add Function Import screen please give the function name as you need and select the return type of that stored procedure based on your requirement. In this project return type is a emptable value, if your are returning a complex type by combining a multiple tables.

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Sep 02, 2020 · EF Core provides a method called Migrate to execute migration actions for us. All we have to do is to create model classes, context class, apply configuration (which we already did) and create and execute migrations with the set of simple commands. VIDEO: Migrations and Seed Data with Entity Framework Core.

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