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Hi I got en new Nighthawk and when connecting the ethernet cables i get on one port a red light on the other port the lights are white.(when transfering data) even changing the cable into an other port the red ligh follows the cable, is this a warning that the connection is wrong, false, broken ? Can not find the meaning of the lights in the manual

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In the Geeni app, on the top right corner of the Devices screen, click (+). Choose “Video Camera”. and click on Geeni Wi-Fi camera. 3. On your Geeni app, tap on "QR code" on the top right corner. 4. Then tap 3 times on the top right corner (blank space where the "QR code" button was located).

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Upon approach, Escalade greets you with a dramatic light show. The front Daytime Running Lamps pulsate twice, the rear LED Light Blades illuminate from bottom to top twice and the Cadillac Crest illuminates on the back of the Curved OLED Display. Additionally, an available puddle lamp with the Cadillac Crest appears in anticipation of your arrival.

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Panasonic viera troubleshooting: MY Panasonic Viera 42" - came in after 6 days away. Hit remote to turn TV on, and got a loud "pop" with flashing red light; fl: Panasonic VIERA S1 Series TC-L37S1: Panasonic VIERA S1 Series TC-L37S1: I have a a 5 Year old Panasonic Viera tv linked to my apple PC through a HDMI cable.I have sound but no picture ...

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Dec 07, 2020 · If the refrigerator’s light doesn’t work and its motor doesn’t run, here is the basic refrigerator troubleshooting you can do: 1 Check its electrical power. Make sure the refrigerator is plugged into a live receptacle that’s receiving power (plug in a working lamp or an outlet circuit tester).

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Dec 06, 2015 · Low-Voltage Detection is OFF (NiCad/NiMH setting).•. Fast Blinking Red: Thermal Shutdown Protection Stage 1. If the motor has lower than normal power and the VXL-3s is hot, the VXL-3s has entered Stage 1 Thermal Shutdown Protection to guard against overheating caused by excessive current flow. When i plugged it in the charger, the usual battery icon didn't show up, still i let it charge for a long time but still got nothing but a blinking red light. This happened a few weeks ago, and i tried all of the possible solutions around the forum, multiple button combinations plus plug in & out the charger..

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