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The chart below shows the calculated isotope pattern for the formula P 2 I 4 with the most intense ion set to 100%. References The data on these compounds pages are assembled and adapted from the primary literature and several other sources including the following.

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Covalent Compound Worksheet – Writing Formula # of Atoms Prefix Slogan mono di tri tetra penta hexa hepta octa nona deca Write the Chemical Formula for each of the following compounds. 1. carbon tetrafluoride _____ 16. sulfur dibromide _____ 2. silicon dioxide _____ 17.

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Nomenclature Worksheet 3 – Covalent (Molecular) Compounds Part A: Name the following covalent. compounds. 1. CO Carbon monoxide . 2. CO2 Carbon dioxide

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Molecular formula C20H40O2 C22H42O2 C22H42O2 C22H44O2 C24H38O4 C24H51N C26H18 C26H54 C26H54 C28H18 C31H64 C32H66 C60 C70 Ethyl trans-9-octadecenoate Arachidic acid Brassidic acid Butyl oleate Butyl stearate Bis(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate Trioctylamine 9,10-Diphenylanthracene 5-Butyldocosane 11-Butyldocosane 9,9′-Bianthracene 11-Decylheneicosane ... To write the condensed formula, begin by thinking of the molecule as a chain of five atoms (C¬C¬O¬C¬C) and then add in the atoms attached to these five (CH3, etc.). The skeletal structure of diethyl ether is drawn by leaving out all of the carbon and hydrogen atoms, showing only the oxygen atom and the C¬C and C¬O bonds. Solution O

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Diphosphorus pentoxide. Example 3: Write the formula for dinitrogen tetroxide. Solution: Dinitrogen means there are two nitrogens, so there will be a subscript of 2 after the N. Tetroxide means there are 4 oxygens, so there will be a 4 after the O. N 2 O 4

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3. A hydrocarbon gas with the empirical formula CH 2 has a density of 1.3 g/L at 0ºC and 1.00 atm. A possible formula for the hydrocarbon is: a. CH 2 b. C 2H 4 c. C 3H 6 d. C 4H 8 e. C 5H 10 4. A real gas would act most ideal at a. 1 atm and 273 K b. 10 atm and 547 K c. 10 atm and 273 K d. 0.5 atm and 546 K e. 0.5 atm and 273 K 5. Diphosphorus tetraoxide | O4P2 | CID 16131071 - structure, chemical names, physical and chemical properties, classification, patents, literature, biological ...

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