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Apr 24, 2005 · DANA 36 vs DANA 44 The C-4 Dana 36 was the only axle available in 1984 Corvettes. In 1985, Chevrolet brought out the Dana 44 which was similar to the 80-82 Corvette axle, but not interchangeable. The Dana 44 axle is considerably stronger, but not indestructible. The Dana 36 and the Dana 44 (44s i...

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Giant Motorsports has specialized in I beam suspension kits for years, and is now proud to offer the newest kit, “The Ranger/Explorer 4WD Dana 44 TTB conversion kit”. This new kit is designed to convert your 86-97 4WD Ranger/Explorer (with stock Dana 28/35 beams and spindles) to the bigger Dana 44 TTB setup, utilizing the stock Dana 44 ...

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Dana Perino is one of the biggest names in cable news. As the anchor of FOX NEWS' The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino and co-host of The Five, millions of people tune in everyday to see her explain and debate the biggest stories of the day.

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A Dana 35 (left) compared to a Dana 44 (right). Some XJ and ZJ Cherokees with the tow package came with a D44, but it's a rare sight. The Dana 35 has earned a pretty poor reputation in the off-road world. We can totally understand this because we have personally had a D35 explode on us from just...Dana Spicer Model 44 Ford ¾ Ton Truck Driver Side Twin Traction Beam Axle 17.1" Inner 26.91 inches overall: $140.00. 32067: D44 OE Dana Spicer TTB IFS Outer Axle ...

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How to Identify a Dana 44 Vs. a 35 | It Still Runs. When it comes to off-roading or parts identification, it is important to know which axle is on your vehicle. The Dana 44 and Dana 35 have been used in many vehicles, but there are clear distinctions between them.

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So I've recently become obsessed with Dan Vs, and I'm constantly drawing fanart of it. I'm not very good at drawing in it's art style though, so I'll probably only upload a small portion of it, the stuff that didn't come out COMPLETELY terrible. I have a little pile of art on my tablet that's accumulated over...

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