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Generic Colt 1911 7rd 45 acp Full Size Mag. These come from my “A Box” of unbranded used mags. I also have a lower grade of “B Box” mags that I keep for shop usage. Here’s how it works for these “A Box” mags for sale. Condition will appear to be between the 1st picture and the 2nd picture. Expect wear, they are used mags after all.

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Viewed products. Colt .45 automatic... View larger. High quality réplica of a Colt .45 automatic Government black Simulates external mechanisms

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Oct 02, 2015 · The.45 Colt round has been around since 1873 and is as popular as ever—for good reason. It is flexible and powerful, especially if you handload. With modern loads, it will equal the.44 Magnum in high-end performance. There is also a good choice of cast and jacketed bullets available on the market, and it isn’t hard to load for.

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45 Colt. These early “ 45 Magnum” experiments involved triplex loads, warp shelf wheelguns just couldn’t contain the old Colt run to these levels. A custom and Dirty Harry’s famous line no longer held. A momentous leap in handgun power occurred with the advent of the.44 Magnum.

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EAA Weihrauch Bounty Hunter, Revolver, .45 Long Colt, 770095, 741566010343, 4.5" Barrel, Case colored frame Item currently sold out 5 out of 5 star rating (1 reviews )

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It is perfectly capable of living happily with any modern standard pressure.45 Colt, better known as .45LC (.45 Long Colt), ammunition. The revolver won't blow up if you shoot buffalo Bore ammo, but it dang sure will "shoot loose" quickly. As for which ammo to meet your need . . .

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