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Mar 16, 2010 · In the first experiment, positron emission tomography (PET) was used to image the brain’s dopamine response in subjects who received a low oral dose of amphetamine. Dopamine is a brain chemical ...

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However, with chemical change, the substances change and become something else. For an extra-appealing experiment on chemical change for your fourth-grade class, make some slime.

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A chemical reaction involves the breaking of bonds in the reactants and the forming of bonds in the products. It takes energy to break bonds. Energy is released when bonds are formed.

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Name Date Class Chapter 2 • Matter and Change EXPERIMENT PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL CHANGE PURPOSE To investigate the criteria used to distinguish between physical and chemical...

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Le Chatelier's principle is commonly observed in chemical reactions. In this experiment we will use two separate methods to disturb systems at chemical equilibrium. 1. Change the concentration of one or more species in the chemical equilibrium 2. Change the temperature of the system H Acid-base indicators

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Chemical changes are required to make these conversions. For example, the metals that are changed into alloys and shaped into soft-drink cans are themselves converted by chemical changes into other products. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of recycling metals as was done in this experiment. ASIM: Chemical Changes 4. Revised: 2/07 Process advancement in chemistry and chemical engineering research...

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