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Ceiling fans do a lot of work—over time, they can get weighed down by dust, and they start making annoying squeaking sounds when they're turned on. Luckily, most squeaks can be easily dealt with through a little cleaning and general maintenance!

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Mud rings fit on electrical boxes, providing a greater box volume for receptacle or switch installations.

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I'm looking for an on-line source of supply for some deep metal boxes and 3 device mud rings ( 1" deep mud ring). The boxes mount on a wooden stud. The devices are dimmers and timers and really need space. Insert the Mud Ring with Junction Box as shown below. Do not allow the ceiling tile to bear the weight of junction box. -C models. -or-. Using a Philips screwdriver, hand-tighten the brackets, clamping the adapter to the mud ring. Do not overtighten. -J models.

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