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Answer to compare the James-Lange and Cannon-Bard theories of emotions, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of each appr...

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Cannon-Bard theory states that we feel emotions and experience physiological reactions such as sweating, trembling and muscle tension simultaneously. More specifically, it is suggested that emotions result when the thalamus sends a message to the brain in response to a stimulus...

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Cannon proposed his theory in the 1920s and later expanded by Philip Bard during the 1930s. According to them, we feel emotions and experience physiological responses such as sweating and trembling concurrently. Schachter-Singer Theory. It is also known as the two-factor theory of emotion.

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theory or law. Perception of the situation involves the 21) A) Yerkes-Dodson B) James-Lange C) Cannon-Bard D) Cognitive 22) When one physically reacts to fear and then feels frightened, this is the law. B) James-Lange C) Cannon-Bard D) Cognitive peat 23) Men are times as likely to get violent than women.

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Donnie was on the verge of experiencing road rage. The teenagers in front of him were reckless and disrespectful. Suddenly he realized that one of the boys was his brother and he began to laugh. Donnie's emotional response is best explained by: A. the James-Lange Theory of emotion. B. the Cannon-bard Theory of emotion. C. the Schachter-Singer Theory of emotion. D. the Affiliation Theory of ...

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