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Use Bondo® Glazes for contouring and finishing surfaces or repairing minor surface imperfections before you paint. Each product is self-leveling and easy to apply and sand. Bondo® Hardeners are designed to work with the Bondo® Fillers during the mixing process.

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Generally, you may need half-round, round or flat wood files based on the shape you want to recreate. Fine tune the area and smooth the epoxy with sandpaper once the shape you have the exact shape. Protect yourself with eye gear and a dust mask while sanding. Afterward, vacuum excess dust from the area and brush a primer over the epoxy.

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One-Step Rust Converter Primer Sealer permanently converts rust into a hard, black primer sealer ready for topcoats. Water-based latex containing rust modifiers is easily applied directly over tightly bonded or flash rust on iron or steel.

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The paint pulled off with a thin coat of bondo in these spots showing the white primer coat below. So, I'm not so sure auto bondo is the best thing to use other than in areas of deep fill. I'm going to have the painter come back and try to fix things. If you absolutely must use body filler to make the repair, then you should remove all the scale, add a backup screen to cover the holes from the back side, then use Bondo Bondo-Glass over the rusted area, sand and finish out with regular Bondo body filler for a stronger repair. Mix. The mix is crucial.

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Jun 29, 2008 · I'll try my best to show you my process. Start by sanding your gas tank to bare metal. I usually sandblast and fill in any cracks with metal filler, large holes I fill with Bondo [affil. link to info/product on Amazon] or fiberglass. I sand it down over and over until it's nice and smooth with 180 grit. Next comes the primer.

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Jun 12, 2020 · Moreover, can you put Bondo on primer? Can you apply body filler or bondo over primer filler? Yes. You CAN apply over sanded 2k primer, or bare metal. Be sure to have the area sanded with at least a 150 so the filler has some TOOTH to grab to. Also, can you paint on Bondo? I go ahead and shoot primer again, then sand again and I see what remaining areas need more work. A little more putty and sanding and I'm just about done. The last few little blemishes remaining can be seen without even shooting primer again. A dab of putty on your finger and you can make them go away with ease.

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