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on grain for cutting, take a contrasting thread and hand baste (using long basting stitches) along one lengthwise rib line at the center of the fabric. Then just fold the fabric along the basting stitches. Tip #2: If you experience stitch problems when sewing thin or sheer fabrics, try using a straight stitch presser

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1. Thread the top of the machine with a coordinating shade of all-purpose thread. If you would like the stitching to be invisible, use clear nylon monofilament as your top thread. 2. Load the bobbin with all-purpose thread in a color to match or coordinate with your backing fabric.

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Map quilt shops, quilt guilds/groups, services, or museums near me; or use the Trip Planner™ for quilting resources along your route. Best map you will find!

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Apr 17, 2017 · Step 1. Lay neoprene fabric on a clean, flat working surface. Attach the pattern to the fabric using T-pins. For thicker pieces of neoprene, it may be easier to trace around the pattern with your fabric pencil, remove the pattern piece and then cut. Once you've pinned all the pattern pieces, cut out each piece.

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May 07, 2019 · Baste your tape onto the lining. You can use bright colored thread in this tutorial for demonstration purposes, but you certainly don't have to. Just make sure when you are basting, that you stitch right along the top of the tape and avoid stitching over the little loops.

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Aurifil Cotton 50 wt Thread – When I first started quilting I used machine quilting thread that I purchased at Hobby Lobby and Joann’s. Then I tried Aurifil thread, boy what a difference! This beautiful thread is lovely for both piecing and quilting.

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