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The dataset in this tutorial consists of images of chess pieces; only 75 images for each class. We’ll split the test files to 15%, instead of the typical 30% of data for testing. The original tutorial provides a handy script to download and resize images to 300×300 pixels, and sort them into train and test folders. 2. Create bounding boxes

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What Is Object Detection? Object Detection is the process of finding real-world object instances like cars, bikes, TVs, flowers, and humans in still images or videos.

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A cross platform (Linux and Windows) user mode SDK to read data from your Azure Kinect device. - microsoft/Azure-Kinect-Sensor-SDK

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The first one is the Azure SDK for Unity3D. The Azure SDK is a Unity plugin that allows us to connect to a remote App Service and update data. Download the Unity Package and import it to the Unity Editor. The second plugin we are going to use is Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Toolkit. Mixed Reality Toolkit (formerly known as “HoloToolkit ... Aug 18, 2016 · The fact that you need so much computer power and bandwidth to get half-decent results out of a Kinect V2 further confirms my opinion that it’s not a suitable sensor for simple 3D scanning. Also, the FOV and range of the Kinect V2 are extremely wide and large, so it’s not a very logical choice for scanning people and small-to-medium objects.

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Nov 02, 2015 · Hi, I am back. It is time to develop a game using Unity3D with Microsoft Kinect. Using a Kinect device it is possible to offer a new experience in interacting with games. The Player’s body becomes the controller. Microsoft released a Unity3D plugin for the Kinect v2. Unfortunately, Unity 4 only supported plugins if you owned a Unity Pro license.

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The recently developed depth sensors, e.g., the Kinect sensor, have provided new opportunities for human-computer interaction (HCI). Although great progress has been made by leveraging the Kinect sensor, e.g., in human body tracking, face recognition and human action recognition, robust hand gesture recognition remains an open problem. Compared to the entire human body, the hand […]

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