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An 85,000 kg stunt plane performs a loop-the-loop, flying in a 260-m-diamter vertical circle. At the point where the plane is flying straight down, its speed is 55 m/s and it is speeding up at a rate of 12 m/s per second. (a) What is the m agnitude of the net force on the plane? You can neglect air resistance.

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Modern roller coasters have vertical loops like the one shown in Figure 6.38. The radius of curvature is smaller at the top than on the sides so that the downward centripetal acceleration at the top will be greater than the acceleration due to gravity, keeping the passengers pressed firmly into their seats.

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roller coaster loop? (ii)What concepts do students bring to discus - sions of forces in a roller coaster loop? (iii)To what extent do students connect the rel - evant concepts? In addition, we raise the question if student dif-ficulties may be traced to textbook presentations. 3. The physics behind the story: forces in roller coaster loops

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The Flip Flap Railway (seen below) was built in 1895 and was the first roller coaster to have a loop. It was “famous” for its extreme g-forces that it produced on its riders of approximately 12 gs. The circular nature of the coaster’s loop along with its small diameter of 25 feet caused riders to experience neck injuries from whiplash.

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15. Tigris - Busch Gardens Tampa. The new coaster at Universal's Islands of Adventure has big shoes to fill. It's taking over the place once occupied by the beloved Dragon The Gerstlauer coaster will break the record for the steepest drop on a roller coaster which features a 60 mph launch and a...

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18. A roller coaster car is on a track that forms a circular loop of radius R in the vertical plane. If the car is to just maintain contact with track at the top of the loop, what is the minimum value for its velocity at this point? (A) gR (B) 0.5gR (C) 2gR (D) (gR)1/2 19.

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