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The “gap” used a PVC coupling epoxy-ed to the copper pipes. Wire inside was #14 AWG THHN stranded building wire. I used a Hubbell lighting weatherproof box with mounting ears as the base and fed it with 300 ohm TV “twin-lead”. Antenna is still in use today!

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Adapts 75 ohm coax to 300 ohm twin lead (or vice-versa) at antenna or television. 5-900 MHz UHF/VHF/FM.

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transformer. In use, the 300 ohm twin lead from the antenna would be connected to the thumb screw terminals and the output of the matching transformer would be coupled through the jumper cable to the appropriate 75 ohm input jack. When using the 300 ohm input, the meter reading (microvolts) should be multiplied by two and

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300 ohm/75 ohm. Transformer ... Twin Lead. to FM (not included) ... Make sure the antenna is connected to. the connector on the rear of your TV as. The 300 ohm connector is for an antenna that uses a flat, two wire cable called twin lead. You may need an adapter of some type to convert the connector that is on the end of the coaxial cable coming from the antenna to the type of connector on the back of your receiver if the two are not a match.

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Dec 03, 2009 · It used to be that every TV antenna used a 300 ohm feedline. It was 300 ohm twin lead. It was cheap and the lowest loss feedline you could get. The only problem it had was that it picked up noise. In an analog system noise shows up on the screen. To get rid of noise TV feedlines were changed to coaxial feed lines.

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300 Ohm twinlead (the flat stuff) is a lower loss transmission line than RG6 when installed properly. Additionally there is no balun loss to suffer, at least at the antenna end. The problem is it's difficult to install properly. It requires standoffs and periodic twisting and will not mate to most new OTA hardware without a balun transformer.

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